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Coaching Corner

Coaching methods

There are a number of factors to take into account when coaching a group of players.


The attitude of the players is instrumental in influencing your coaching method. The players may be on a losing streak and feeling a little downhearted and negative. This attitude makes coaching very challenging as negativity makes players far less receptive to new information. They can become very irritable and easily disillusioned if they cannot get to grips with what you are coaching.

The idea may be to set up a high tempo drill or a small sided game to get them going and to shake them out of their current state. An upbeat and enthusiastic approach is even more important when dealing with such an attitude as it is often the coach the players look to for inspiration and motivation.


If it is too hot and/or humid, the session has to be thought out carefully. The players' quality and ability to concentrate can be severely affected in such conditions. In such an instance, lots of breaks should be incorporated into the practice with emphasis on short drills but high quality.

Extreme cold or rain can have a negative effect on your sessions. It is imperative in this instance to have the session well planned so the players are not standing around and getting cold.

Also, the motivation from the coach is all important. No matter how down you may feel in such conditions, it is important the players see your enthusiasm and know that you can adapt no matter how frustrated you may be in such conditions.


The standard of the players you are coaching and the number of players you are coaching are key factors that will affect your coaching style.

Have you got a goalkeeper to work with? Are there any important players missing ? Everything has to be taken into account before adopting the session you feel will be most beneficial.


The surface you will be training on is an essential factor in deciding what to do in your session. Is the pitch bumpy, flat, artificial or muddy? Have you got the necessary equipment to put your session on. Are there enough bibs, balls etc.?

Although a good quality surface is ideal, it is not the be all and end all for you to put an enjoyable session - some coaches have had to use car parks to put a practice on. It is all about adapting to your circumstances - always have a Plan B at hand.

In order to get coaching points across in the most effective way, the coach has to adapt and decide on a number of different styles relevant to the players he/she is coaching.

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