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Alex Morgan had not become the 2019 France World Cup again after his five goals in the United States debut against Thailand (13-0), but the wait was worth it for her and her team. On the day of his 30th birthday, the lead got the 2-1 goal over England that ended up being as decisive as the penalty tackled on the final by his partner Alyssa Naeher, after a foul was confirmed in the area using the VAR. In fact, the video arbitration system had already stifled another cry to the British minutes before, when it was used to cancel a play in an advanced position that had meant the tie in two.

With that much, Morgan reached the English Ellen White at the head of the scoring table, with six celebrations, leaving behind the American Megan Rapinoe, who had achieved two doubles in eighths against Spain and in fourths against France and this time He did not play for a muscle injury, and Australian Sam Kerr, both with five. What does level Morgan and Rapinoe is their stance against Donald Trump, president of the United States.

Rapinoe did not sing the anthem in the games he played in this World Cup, and long ago he showed himself with one knee on the ground during that ceremony in different games, in the form of protest. Trump called her “”disrespectful,”” and she, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, sang retro: “”God help us if we all look like him. It’s scary. It’s very scary.”” He says he does it because he is against “”brutality and police racism in my country.”” Morgan is one of the companions who came out in her support, joined the battle, and warned that she would not go to the White House if they were invited if they left champions for the fourth time. On Sunday, they will play against the Netherlands, which defeated Sweden 1-0 in the extension, after a 0-0 in regular time.

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