Upcoming Matches

The Argentine national team will play today their third group D match for the 2019 World Cup in France, against the selection of Scotland in the Princes’ Park, at 4 pm in Argentina.

The technical director Carlos Borrello spoke with a press conference and delved into the game: “There will be a lack of physical, height, bearing and decades of work, but much is supplemented with character and passion. They are not words; they have shown it. Our weapon is the team. We have to think about the game different from the first two. ”
“We know that we have a great opportunity to move into the second round, and we have weapons to do it. We will do everything possible to win the game, and we will go out with that mentality,” said the coach with a view to the confrontation that will be led by North Korean Hyang Ok RI.

The defender Agustina Barroso was excited and said: “We know that the previous two games were difficult. The next one will be too, but we want to make history and move to the eighth.”

The Fixture of the Women’s World Cup France 2019

In addition, at the same time, the match between Japan and England will be played, also belonging to Group D at the Nice stadium, in a decisive meeting to know the future of the national team in the competition.We have good news for football and sports fans in general, and they don’t have to wait 4 more years to enjoy the soccer world cup. From June 7 to July 7, the eighth edition of the Women’s Soccer World Cup will take place in France.

Prize Increase

There will be 24 countries, distributed in 6 groups of 4, which compete to win the desired trophy. For this edition, FIFA has doubled the economic prizes distributed among the classified countries, from 15 million distributed in the previous World Cup to 30 million dollars. With this increase, the champion team will receive 4 million dollars.
Despite this good decision by FIFA, the gap between women’s and men’s football is large. For the men’s World Cup, 400 million dollars were distributed among the 32 teams, and the champion team (France) received 38 million. That is, women receive only 10% of what men get. Later we will explain in detail the reason for this situation.

A World Cup with Full Stadiums

There is nothing more attractive and exciting, both for players and fans, like watching a stadium full. As much as it is said that the fans do not play and that football is a sport of 11 against 11, the fact of being in a stadium full of people excites and externalizes the best of the athlete. If you want an example, look at the reaction of José Mourinho and Arsene Wegner while broadcasting the Champions League final life, when they heard the “You’ll never walk alone” toned by fans and players of the English team, Liverpool.
As you can see, the World Cup has aroused the interest of the public, due to the good show and professionalism that women’s football has been offering, to the point that several countries have offered to host the next World Cups. This event is breaking records in sales: tickets for the opening match, for the semifinals and the finals were sold out 48 hours after being put up for sale and until mid-April, when there were more than 50 days left before the start, More than 720 thousand seats had been sold, which suggests that this World Cup will be a resounding success.

“Golden Ball 2018” Renounces to Play the World Cup for Gender Equality

The Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg, winner of the Golden Ball in 2018 (maximum individual distinction for a footballer) for her excellent performance at Olympique de Lyon (France), resigned her selection in 2017 in protest, due to inequality of gender in the Norwegian Football Federation.
The fact is that with this complaint, the Norwegian not only seeks to improve the salary of her companions, which she already achieved thanks to the salary equality agreement signed between the federation and the soccer union of the same country, but also to seek to improve the infrastructure, planning , development and accommodation for the female team, so that women have the same opportunities as men.

This fantastic forward who has managed to score more than 170 goals with his team, 33 with his team and 4 Champions League with Lyon, is an important casualty for the Norwegian team and for the organization, due to a large number of fans they would have wanted to go see the star of only 23 years.
The sacrificed and brave decision to give up playing the World Cup means giving up the dream of every player to represent his country in the top competition. However, Ada has other intentions that seek the common good of women engaged in sports.


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